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Fortnite - Shotty Concepts

Some gun concepts I did on Fortnite. These are all in the Save The World (PVE) mode, but the semi-auto is also in the Battle Royale (PVP) mode (with a red re-color skin).

Ben shafer longarm enforcer sheet 1 19

Semi-auto attachment

Ben shafer longarm enforcer sheet 2 5

Base version

Ben shafer d fortnite weapons firearms shotty longarm enforcer layout longarm enforcer sheet 3 5

Base + folding stock

Ben shafer fortnite br key art w logo eng 1920x1080

Marketing image put together by Art Director Peter Ellis involving work by the team at Epic. I didn't have anything to do with this image, besides it showing how some of my designs turned out in-game (including the above shotgun with a red re-color).